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Way to Send Flickr Photos in Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo's motive is to make Yahoo! Mail easier for use, and more fun and its priority also. What about sending your Flickr photo right into  Yahoo! Mail ? And how about picking up pictures and sending them quickly in new mail? It's easy to send your Flickr  photos. If you have time, you can copy preview images to the email. Here is the way to send your Flickr photos in Yahoo just follow the steps:



Send Flickr Photos in Yahoo! Mail

To send photos from your Flickr account easily in Yahoo! Mail:

  • First, ensure that Flickr application is enabled.
  • Tap Flickr from Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  • To share your own photos:
    • Select , sign me in option.
      • Select OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT to allow  Flickr to access your Flickr photos.
    • Select the photos you want to send.
    • Now, choose Share Photos .
    • If you have added private photos in it, then tap ' Yes' to send all .
      • The email will include a special link that allows access to the selected private photos. If the recipient shares this link, the privileges travel with it.
    • In the message body, and finally click  Send .

Adding Flickr in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click  Add next  applications  in the Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  • Now tap Add under  Flickr .
  • Accept the terms and conditions of Flickr use in Yahoo! Mail.

If you are unable to apply for help from Yahoo Help Support. Yahoo experts are available through Yahoo Help Support helpline, where experts will guide you in best manner. Just give a call anytime as they are available 24 * 7.